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    "fight like a girl" is meant to imply weakness, but some girls don’t play nice.

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    There has NEVER been anything more true than this.

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i’ve reblogged this twice today…


    i’ve reblogged this twice today…

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  5. We assume others show love the same way we do — and if they don’t, we worry it’s not there.
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    Reblogging from myself because I feel like this is extremely important.

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    Why do dudes always wanna know your bra size tho, what are they gonna do, buy you bras?? Cause that would be very helpful bras cost a lot of money i would save a fortune

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    Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty Collection

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Best gif usage
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    The first and the last ones are the only ones with curtains on the sides. That makes it seem like it’s a play, opening its curtains at the beginning and closing them at the end.

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  12. I aim to be lionhearted, but my hands still shake and my voice isn’t quite loud enough.
    — Michelle K., Earning Your Roar (via everdeenflame)

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    zeus….. IS the father
    *hera throws chair and has to be restrained by security titans*

    That’s it. That’s Greek mythology.

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    Me and my mutual followers that never seem to actually talk but we like and reblog each other’s posts:


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